Vacation Time - Addy's heading to Scotland

Please watch for updates as I will be heading to Scotland. Looking forward to touring the amazing countryside, learning about some family roots, and of course, Marmalades and Bourbons to pair with my Salted Caramels, Chocolate Fudged Up Sauce, and my Caramels Your Heart Salted Caramel Sauce.

My San Diego office will be closed for all deliveries from August 15th through August 25th. We will get your orders to you ASAP upon our return.

More to come, stay tuned….. Addy’s Meme

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Welcome to Addy’s Jams from Callander Farms, LLC

We have a new look. Introducing Addy’s Jams, named for my beautiful granddaughter Adeline Denise.  Our line includes, farm fresh to freezer, private reserve preserves jams, and jellies.

I have had a wonderful time working with my partner Sandy, and all of our family, with the branding of Addy’s Jams.  Names are tough.  Some of them haven’t changed, but we have some fun new names like, This Little Figgy, Sweet N Sassy Spice, Sorrento Sass, and so on.  Each one has a story, and each jam, jelly, or sauce, ingredients have been carefully thought out and tested by me.

Please give us a try today.  With love from our family to yours. Denise


Thank you to my neighbor Chaowei for his time and the beautiful photos. 

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It’s a fair time of year, missing Grandma Mary.

It’s been years since I entered a fair contest.  In years past, I entered the San Juan County fair, with my great grandma Borschowa’s sour cream twist. Blue Ribbon.  Then I entered my carmel nut cinnamon rolls, blue ribbon.  The fun for me was giving the blue ribbon to my grandmother Mary.  She got so much joy In the fact that I would even try, as she never had. It was fun to share, since her passing I have never entered again.  ‘Till this year.

My love of jam, started with grandma Mary, so it only seemed fitting that I tried.  A little intimidated with the big Del Mar fair, as I’ve heard alot about the ladies who always win.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  So why not.  Now to make the decision as what to enter.  Freezer jam will never work, not shelf stable for weeks. So what do I cook?  It’s been a rough learning curve with marmalades this year, as I grew up with berries in the NW, not citrus. But I worked hard.  Thought for sure that the Blood Orange, mint, lime would do well, but nothing. As I walked around all the jam entries, I couldn’t find my Orange, vanilla, bean.  Hmmm and then I saw it. Best in Class. I was in shock.  

As I stood there staring at the case in disbelief, she was the first person I thought of.  First time I would get a blue ribbon and couldn’t give to her.  I know she’s with me in spirit, I always feel her presence in so many things I do that we enjoyed together.  

Before her passing, she gave me a envelope.  As I sat with her and opened it, she gave me back everything thing she valued that I had given to her over a number of years.  Items included photos of my babies, one of me in a pageant (Ugh)  she made me do it, and also kept the program :), and those blue ribbons.  

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Jam & Cheese Pairings

Need a easy appetizer or hostess gift?  Think Jam!  Yes Jam!

Here’s the scoop for my jams:

Pomegranate Blueberry Lime - Mozarella (buffalo)

Berry Spice - Brie, Goat

Pomegranate Key Lime - Smoked Gouda, Swiss, Cheddar

Strawberry, Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Blueberry - Goat, Feta, Camembert, Triple Cream Brie, Cheddar

Fig - Brie, Boursian, Marscarpone, Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Cream Cheese

Cherry - Semi-hard aged cheeses 

Please let me know your pairings, I love hearing  from my clients, and learn so much from all of you.  Happy New Year. D

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What’s the difference between jam in the freezer and jam off the shelf?

Never heard of freezer or refrigerator jam?  You’re not alone.  I grew up with it, and have many friends that make it yearly as berries come in season.   I refuse to buy store bought canned jam off the shelf, why with a expiration date 3 years out.  No thank you.  I want fresh and to taste like I’m eating fresh berries.

In most freezer jams the berries aren't cooked, the jam has a much fresher flavor than canned  jam, since it hasn’t been cooked out nor had preservatives added .  It’s also Vegan and Gluten free!  The difference is in  the color, which you can see when you place the actual berries next to your favorite flavor. Freezer jam isn't as thick as the canned jam and usually contains less sugar, but it has a nice spoonable consistency that works equally well as a spread or a topping. ... The main difference between freezer jam and canned jam is how it's stored.

Because it has not been cooked, filled with preservatives, or water bathed sealed, freezer jam must be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to preserve.  Store till ready to use in the freezer, good for one year.  To use, refreigerate and best used within 3 months. 

Any questions, please email me.  Love to hear how my jams are being served.  Kids are the  best critics, and my granddaughter is my biggest fan.  Fresh is required for my Adeline Denise.


Denise Stein
Cardiff Seaside Market

We're open for business! Come visit us in store at Seaside Market. Get my homemade freezer jam in the fruit section. Remember jam comes farm fresh to the freezer.... only from Callander Farms. With love from my family to yours.