What’s the difference between jam in the freezer and jam off the shelf?

Never heard of freezer or refrigerator jam?  You’re not alone.  I grew up with it, and have many friends that make it yearly as berries come in season.   I refuse to buy store bought canned jam off the shelf, why with a expiration date 3 years out.  No thank you.  I want fresh and to taste like I’m eating fresh berries.

In most freezer jams the berries aren't cooked, the jam has a much fresher flavor than canned  jam, since it hasn’t been cooked out nor had preservatives added .  It’s also Vegan and Gluten free!  The difference is in  the color, which you can see when you place the actual berries next to your favorite flavor. Freezer jam isn't as thick as the canned jam and usually contains less sugar, but it has a nice spoonable consistency that works equally well as a spread or a topping. ... The main difference between freezer jam and canned jam is how it's stored.

Because it has not been cooked, filled with preservatives, or water bathed sealed, freezer jam must be stored in the refrigerator or freezer to preserve.  Store till ready to use in the freezer, good for one year.  To use, refreigerate and best used within 3 months. 

Any questions, please email me.  Love to hear how my jams are being served.  Kids are the  best critics, and my granddaughter is my biggest fan.  Fresh is required for my Adeline Denise.


Denise Stein