Our Roots

Addy’s from Callander Farms was created by Denise Mary-Callander Stein. Growing up in Oregon, Denise spent the majority of her time with her grandmother Mary. Together, they would explore recipes and put their spin on traditions passed down from generation to generation. One of those traditions was creating fresh freezer jams. Denise treasured the time she spent with her grandmother and could not wait to pass on the traditions they had to her own children. Every summer, Denise would take her kids berry picking. Each one, armed with a bucket, was determined to bring home the fullest container with the sweetest berries. At home, those berries would be sorted, cleaned and turned into the most delicious jams, pies and cobblers.

It was something the whole family looked forward to every year.

In the summer of 2016, Denise’s oldest daughter had her first child (and the first grandchild), a baby girl named Adeline Denise (Addy). Once again, a new generation inspired Denise to pass along secret recipes and family traditions. This time, however, she decided to spread the joy beyond her immediate family. In September 2017 Addy’s was created, and Denise opened her kitchen to ensure others create the same kind of memories her family has had for decades. Addy’s mission is to help its customers taste the difference between fresh from the field, no preservative freezer jams, preserves and jellies, and the items commonly found on most grocery store shelves. All of Addy’s special reserves are small-batched and seasonally based with the freshest ingredients. We believe there is nothing as good as something homemade with love, and that is exactly what you get with Addy’s.